down your printing costs by over 90% !
The most economical printer ever!
Every office should have this printer!
With a "countinous ink supply system" meaning you will never need to buy cartridges!


* 3-in-1 (print, scan, copy) both in color & B/W
* Full color printer:- very good for printing
   fliers, bronchures, documents etc
* With LCD screen - dont need a computer to
   operate this printer
* Print lab quality photos and passports
* Print photos directly from memory cards
* Print directly onto CD/DVD disks
* With CISS (continous ink supply system)

meaning you will never buy ink cartridges!





CD Tray @ 1200.00 kes

double sided matt glossy @ 250.00 kes

single sided matt glossy @ 230.00 kes



Epson motar @ 1500.00 kes

reset keys @ 700.00 kes

clarion photo papers 4R @ 140.00 kes & 4X6 @ 100.00 kes